ICSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

Sl. No. Chapter Name Subtopics
1. Measurements and Experimentation International System of Units, the required SI units with correct symbols are given at the end of this syllabus. Other commonly used system of units – fps and cgs


Simple pendulum

2. Motion in one dimension Scalar and vector quantities, distance, speed, velocity, acceleration; equations of uniformly accelerated motion without derivations
3. Laws of Motion Contact and non-contact forces; cgs & SI units.


Newton’s First Law of Motion (qualitative discussion) introduction of the idea of inertia, mass and force.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion (including F=ma); weight and mass.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion (qualitative discussion only); simple examples.


4. Fluids Change of pressure with depth (including the formula p=hρg); Transmission of pressure in liquids; atmospheric pressure.


Buoyancy, Archimedes’ Principle; floatation; relationship with density; relative density; determination of relative density of a solid using water only.

5. Heat and Energy Concepts of heat and temperature.


Anomalous expansion of water

Global warming and Green House effect.

6. Light Reflection of light; images formed by a pair of parallel and perpendicular plane mirrors;


Spherical mirrors; characteristics of image formed by these mirrors. Uses of concave and convex mirrors. (Only simple direct ray diagrams are required).

7. Sound Nature of Sound waves. Requirement of a medium for sound waves to travel; propagation and speed in different media; comparison with speed of light.


Infrasonic, sonic, ultrasonic frequencies and their applications.

8. Electricity and Magnetism Simple electric circuit using an electric cell and a bulb to introduce the idea of current (including its relationship to charge); potential difference; insulators and conductors; closed and open circuits; direction of current (electron flow and conventional)Induced magnetism, Magnetic field of earth. Neutral points in magnetic fields.


Induced magnetism, Magnetic field of earth. Neutral points in magnetic fields.


Check the comprehensive ICSE class 9 Chemistry syllabus from the table given below:

1. The Language of Chemistry

2. Chemical changes and reactions

3. Water

4. Atomic Structure and Chemical bonding

5. The Periodic Table

6. Study of the First Element – Hydrogen

7. Study of Gas Laws

ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus

Sl. No. Chapter Name Subtopics
1. Basic Biology The cell, a unit of life, protoplasm, basic difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell; differences between an animal and a plant cell.


Tissues: Types of plant and animal tissues

2. Flowering Plants Flower: Structure of a bisexual flower, functions of various parts.


Pollination: self and cross-pollination.


3. Plant Physiology Structure of dicot and monocot seeds, Germination of seeds, types, and conditions for seed germination.


Respiration in plants: outline of the process, gaseous exchange.

4. Diversity in living organisms / Ecosystems Economic importance of Bacteria.


Economic importance of Fungi.

5. Human Anatomy and Physiology Nutrition.


Skeleton – Movement and Locomotion.

Structure and functions of skin.

Respiratory System: Organs; mechanism of breathing; tissue respiration, heat production.